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Better Globe Forestry has started a new co-operation with UNESCO

Strategic Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation: Better Globe Forestry and UNESCO Collaborate in Kenya

Better Globe Forestry (BGF) and UNESCO have taken a significant first step by signing a letter of intent. The Regional Director, Mr. Alexandros Makarigakis, represented UNESCO in this collaboration. The aim is to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) where BGF and esteemed partners will work together on a joint program. This program, coordinated by BGF, focuses on the protection, conservation, and restoration of biodiversity within a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site in Kenya.

This groundbreaking partnership has been initiated and supported by His Excellency, the Belgian Ambassador, Mr. Peter Maddens, from the Embassy of Belgium in Nairobi. The collaboration signifies a substantial advancement towards a long-term program aimed at preserving and enhancing the biodiversity of the designated area.


Our partner Better Globe Forestry Ltd. (BGF)

BGF was founded in 2006. Their vision and long-term goals are to reduce poverty and corruption in East Africa through social entrepreneurship and massive tree planting in the semi-desert.

BGF’s role is twofold: to grow tree seedlings and enter into agreements with farmers’ cooperatives to plant and care for the trees until they are ready for felling.

BGF is an award-winning company with great recognition as a pioneer in reforestation in the semi-deserts of East Africa.

For TPS, working with BGF is a given. We are incredibly grateful to have BGF as a partner in our company.

”Strategic partnerships are meant to generate growth that can’t be done on its own. TPS complements BGF and will be capable to market the goodwill built around BGF and its unique model.
This strategic partnership will allow BGF to concentrate on what we are good at, planting trees in an arid and semi-arid land. At BGF we truly believe that the strategic combination with TPS is part of a winning growth strategy.”

Jean-Paul Deprins, Managing Director, BETTER GLOBE FORESTRY LTD