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Better Globe Forestry has started a new co-operation with UNESCO

Strategic Partnership for Biodiversity Conservation: Better Globe Forestry and UNESCO Collaborate in Kenya

Better Globe Forestry (BGF) and UNESCO have taken a significant first step by signing a letter of intent. The Regional Director, Mr. Alexandros Makarigakis, represented UNESCO in this collaboration. The aim is to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) where BGF and esteemed partners will work together on a joint program. This program, coordinated by BGF, focuses on the protection, conservation, and restoration of biodiversity within a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site in Kenya.

This groundbreaking partnership has been initiated and supported by His Excellency, the Belgian Ambassador, Mr. Peter Maddens, from the Embassy of Belgium in Nairobi. The collaboration signifies a substantial advancement towards a long-term program aimed at preserving and enhancing the biodiversity of the designated area.


Our partner Better Globe Forestry Ltd. (BGF)

Vision and Mission changed.

After two decades of dedicated commitment to sustainable agroforestry and forestry practices, Better Globe Forestry (founded in 2004) is thrilled to announce a transformative shift in our Vision and Mission.

Drawing from the wealth of experience and insights garnered over the years; we embark on a new chapter that reflects our evolving ethos and future aspirations.

Our updated Vision embraces a world where environmental vitality and social prosperity harmonise seamlessly with commercial success in the agroforestry industry.

Indeed, as a leader in the agroforestry industry, the company is committed to innovative and ethical approaches, meeting the demands of wood trade and processing while positively impacting local communities.

Through social entrepreneurship, BGF aims to create a legacy beyond mere business success, contributing to the planet’s well-being and its inhabitants. Likewise, our Mission now involves cultivating a thriving ecosystem that integrates commercial viability with heightened social responsibility, empowering communities and prioritising environmental conservation.

This strategic evolution encapsulates our enduring dedication to positive impact, setting the stage for a future where Better Globe Forestry continues to redefine standards and contribute meaningfully to the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.

Vision Statement

Better Globe Forestry Limited (BGF) envisions a world where sustainable agroforestry practices coalesce with commercial success, fostering environmental vitality and social prosperity.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Better Globe Forestry involves cultivating a thriving ecosystem of agroforestry and forestry operations, integrating commercial viability with social responsibility.

The company focuses on meticulous planning to establish sustainable projects that yield high-quality wood products and economically empower local communities.

Dedicated to fair trade practices, community development, and environmental conservation, BGF seeks to catalyse positive change, redefining industry standards through a holistic commitment to people, the planet, and profit as it expands into wood processing and trade.

Nairobi in March 2024
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