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Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders on June 19 2024

Protokoll från bolagsstämma den 19 juni 2024

Tree Partner Solutions AB (Publ.)


Interim financial report

(In Swedish)


Tree Partner Solutions AB (Publ.)

2024-01-01 – 2024-06-30

Why invest in TPS?

  • TPS forest assets have high and stable growth.
  • High divided price ratio of 2/3 in dividends.
  • For every tree felled, TPS will reinvest 1/3 of future profits in new tree seedlings.
  • TPS aims to list the company’s shares on a trading venue (stock exchange) no earlier than 2027.
  • In addition to timber, future values in TPS are in values added in the form of furniture, flooring and carbon dioxide offsets, etc.
  • BGF is a strong and experienced partner of TPS.
Melia trees in Nyongoro
Melia trees in Nyongoro
  • The value of our most important asset – our trees – has continued to increase over the past quarter.

    As Tree Partner Solutions AB (TPS) primarily focuses on cultivating and developing tree resources, it is important to note that the growth of our trees is a continuous and long-term process.

    Following a 4% write-down due to the discovery of missing trees in the January inventory, our company has pursued a strategy that promotes growth and sustainability.

    Comprehensive Plan

    We have launched a comprehensive plan to strengthen our operations, including additional inventories in 2024, regular checks, and ongoing follow-up visits to our partner farmers. The updated plan also includes measures to ensure farmers comply with our agreements.

    TPS has initiated measures to ensure that the trees can be marked, diversified in planting areas and digitally traceable through an effective follow-up between Tree Parter Solutions AB (Publ.) and our supplier Better Globe Forestry Ltd.

    Increase share value

    By implementing these strategies, we are positioning ourselves for sustainable growth. We are optimistic about the future and expect our strategy to increase shareholder value. On 31 December, the share price was estimated at EUR 3.93, up from EUR 3.37 four months earlier, despite the impairment described above. 

    Our sustainable strategies and actions are designed to generate long-term profits and increase shareholder value.

    Gothenburg in march 2024
    Isabelle Saternus
    CFO Tree Partner Solutions AB (Publ.)

Governments in the region aim to radically increase the countries’ forest habitats by 2030. This provides great security for a possible expansion in the countries where we operate, as the business is in line with the countries’ intentions.

The tree plantings are currently
undergoing a certification process with FSC,
Forest Stewardship Council,
which raises the value of products significantly.

Last but not least, an investment in TPS involves both an ecological and a social commitment.

Sell or buy shares?

Below is information on how trading in our shares works.
On this page you will also find forms to apply for the sale and purchase of shares.

Information on buying/selling TPS shares

# 1 Fill in the Sales Application available on the website.

The application is usually handled by the seller unless otherwise agreed. (Download, fill in the information, and save the completed application, which should then be emailed to TPS).

# 2 Pay the clearing fee of 500 SEK incl. VAT to TPS, account: 9660-2867743.
IBAN: SE7196600000096602867743

# 3 Check that the buyer has paid for the shares.

# 4 Send mail to investor.relations@treepartnersolutions.comThe email should contain:

# Sale application
# Picture/screenshot of payment of Clearing fee
# Picture/screenshot of the buyer’s payment

# 5
When the buyer is an already registered shareholder

Once TPS has received the above information, the buyer will receive a reply within two weeks that the exchange has been completed.

# 5 Alternatively, when the buyer is a new owner of TPS shares.
The buyer receives within two weeks mail from Scrive* where the buyer/new owner has to:
# Sign the partnership agreement
# Fill in KYC information
# Provide a picture of an ID

# 6 Once this is received, the new owner will be informed within a further two weeks if it has been approved and entered in the share register.

# 6 Alternatively
If the new owner is not approved or the information needs to be completed, information about this will be sent (e.g. expired/invalid ID, incomplete information, etc.).

If the message should be definitive that the new shareholder is not approved, the seller shall refund the buy price to the buyer (information about this will be sent to the seller).

No shares are transferred until the above steps are completed. The process requires diligence and manual handling and, TPS will deal with all cases as quickly as possible. We ask for your understanding that some time is still needed.

*Scrive is an electronic signing, ID verification and integration tool that helps us with secure contracts.

> pdf with the above information opens in new window

> pdf med informationen på svenska

Sales applications

Here you will find sales application to use if/when you want to sell or buy shares.

You can select and download .pdf with Swedish or English text. There are two different formats to choose from
> Fillable pdf
> Standard pdf for printing

NOTE! You can open fillable forms in a PDF reader.
In most cases, you cannot open the fillable form in your browser. You have to download it and save it on your computer. Then open it in a PDF reader, such as Acrobat Reader. Some browsers do this automatically, but if it doesn’t work, you need to do it yourself.

Apply in Swedish / Ansök på svenska

Share value

Estimated net asset value per share on 30 June, 2024

€ 5.33

Total number of issued shares in Tree Partner Solutions AB is 35 565 360.
Shares not yet registered:464 320
Total adjusted net asset value: €192,094,836.7

Tree Partner Solutions AB
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